Our Neighbors


Neighborhood Spotlight - The McLellan Family
Gus bought his house in 1990.  I moved across the street with my friend in 1992.  Gus and I met over a box of cereal we each had in our mailboxes in July 1993.  Gus and I were married 20 years ago on September 14, 1996.  We have had wonderful neighbors the whole time.  I adopted Savannah in 2007 and that is when we really found out how good our neighbors were.  I meet someone on almost every street while walking Savannah.  I find that this is the friendliest neighborhood I have ever been in.  Even the vendors working our streets say that we are very nice people!!

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Pet Board

Our neighborhood seems to have an increasing problem with stray and roaming animals.  Please take a moment to review the Gwinnett County Animal Ordinance laws by clicking here on this link.  You may call Gwinnett County Animal Control at 770.339.3200 for further information.

Welcoming – Need volunteers to make cookies or goodie baskets to welcome new neighbors into our good neighbor community.  Please call Hans Pottinger if you can contribute.

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