Crime Prevention

The ultimate goal of crime prevention is to reduce the risk of being a victim. In order to accomplish this effectively, it is important to remove opportunities for a criminal to take advantage of you or your property.

Successful crime prevention efforts will promote a safer community. The MOST important thing YOU can do is CALL THE POLICE to report a crime or any suspicious activity.  You have to be the eyes and ears of your neighborhood.  And remember, you can always remain a pair of anonymous eyes!

Here are some helpful links and tips for crime prevention in our community:

Click here to see Burglary Prevention Tips

On VACATION?  When leaving town, have a trusted friend or neighbor take care of your home.  NEVER cancel general deliveries such as mail, newspapers and other services.  But don’t let those newspaper deliveries pile up either.

If you will be away for an extended period, arrange to have a neighbor cut your lawn, bring in the mail, alter lighting on-off times, etc.  If you can, also have them move your car in the driveway so it appears you are still coming and going as usual.  Never leave your porch light on ONLY when you go on vacation.  This tells a thief, come on in….we’re on vacation!

Interactive, online neighborhood crime mapping at allows Gwinnett residents to see where and when various criminal activities have been reported near their neighborhood or street address.  Visit the site to access the information and sign up for alerts. The site includes features such as frequently asked questions to help users access information on the site. Crime data is uploaded every 24 hours.

ARE YOU INVOLVED?  Help your neighbors and your community leaders in preventing crime in our neighborhood.  Attend the Home Owners’ meetings to learn more about what can be done.