Check your smoke alarm

Check your smoke alarm to buy time in a home fire Spring cleaning around the house is a good time to change the battery in your smoke alarms, especially if you forgot to change the battery at daylight saving time. A smoke alarm is the first line of defense when it comes to surviving a home fire by giving added time to escape. You may have less than two minutes to escape a home fire.
Every home should have working smoke alarms on each level, in the hallway outside the sleeping area, and in each of the bedrooms. Never ignore the noise of the smoke alarm. A constant loud “beeping” sound from the alarm indicates smoke or fire in the home. An intermittent “chirp” indicates the battery needs to be changed.
Test the alarm monthly and replace all smoke alarms after 10 years. And be sure to have an escape plan with two ways out and clear pathways to exits. Contact the Gwinnett Fire Community Risk Reduction Section at 678.518.4845 or email for details.

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